DOUBLE FEATURE Podcast has a Date!

I don’t get days like this often enough. I come bearing news. Mark your calendars.

July 25th, 2008

You know Double Feature, that podcast I keep saying will go up one day? Well, it’s got a launch date! After months and months of work, we’ve got everything prepared to go online. The podcast, website, and all the rest goes online July 25th, 2008.

Here’s the official description…

Double Feature is podcast detailing two films per episode. Riddled with blasphemy and a humble (but vicious) sense of humor, the podcast is an experiment in film watching. Each show both hosts pick a movie they’ve seen a hundred times that the other’s never watched, and then view both movies back to back. Uninterested in actually reviewing the films, they discuss what makes them notable against an abundance of others. Hosted by Eric Thirteen and Michael Koester.

Nine more days and you can listen to me embarrass myself on a weekly basis.

OH, I almost forgot. I don’t think anyone actually uses live journal anymore…but you can totally get an RSS feed of the project blog (this thing you’re reading right now) instead. Here’s the URL:

If you have an RSS feed thingy, or you use AwesomeStart, you can totally just pop that in there and get updates that way. Apple’s Mail client in Leopard also uses RSS now, which is cool. Yay.