Brand New Double Feature Website

In an effort to get search engines promoting our show for us, I’ve redesigned the Double Feature Website!

The first thing you’ll notice is that you feel personally cheated by the term “redesigned”. In fact, you probably just feel like I’m flat out lying to you. I mean, look at it! It’s practically the same thing, right? The important differences are subtle. Before I get to those, here’s the new surface features:

Double Feature Old

  • Search the entire site.
  • See every episode on one page.
  • Pop-up Player for Instant Listening
  • View Year 1 or Year 2 episode seperatly.
  • A page just showing Killapaloozas, Interviews, or Documentaries.
  • A page for all Terminator/Prophecy episodes.
  • A page with a list of every film on the show (and a link to that episode).
  • Flexible page length

    That’s cute and everything, but here’s the real power: The entire site is now hosted on Blogger (the same place this project blog is hosted). The old site was something I made from scratch. It used php to pull information out of a WordPress database and throw it up on the site. The code was messy and confused search engines. The new website is actually a blogger theme, designed to look just like the old site. It took a lot of work, but it now manages the feat of being on Blogger while looking like a real website (and not a typical shitty blog). Why move to Blogger? Under the surface, the blog infrastructure helps accomplish something amazing.

    The basic function of the new site is to use search engine optimization as a promotional tool. Google will now evangelize our podcast in the same way they would for…say…a marketing blog. For example – someone searches for The Attic Expeditions, and that episode’s page on our website pops right up. Given that we covered over 125 films on the show last year, this will give search engines that many movies to say “Were you interested in film x? Check out this show!” to. I think this is where the future of advertising is. No bullshit legwork for us. We make a show, search engines helps people find it. It’s not only easier, but it brings in more traffic than we ever could the old way. Hundreds of hours of handing out flyers is now accomplished in a fraction of a second. Literally.