Introduction to Slashers with David Stieve

We had a very last minute interview with David Stieve from Behind the Mask on Double Feature. It’s for our primer on slasher films, Black Christmas + Behind the Mask. David was a lot of fun to talk to – he knew his stuff, he had some great stories, and he wasn’t afraid to go on the offensive. I’ve always been a fan of cruel dark humor, and David wasn’t on our show five seconds before he started making fun of us. Well, me, more specially.

Listen to the Interview with David Stieve.

If you never watched a slasher film (or don’t get why people like them) I think this episode is a great place to start. We also have a reoccurring slasher feature called Killapalooza where we talk about a particular series (Freddy, Jason, etc) so you can figure out what those are all about too. These films may appear cheap and simple on the surface, but there are strong elements of mythology and cannon that make them really satisfying. It’s like a good graphic novel or serialized TV drama. Most of them have a strong feministic bent to them as well, which I’m a huge fan of.