New Bright Falls Blog

The other day I found this spectacular short film series called Bright Falls. It’s a six episode viral series that’s been compared to David Lynch’s work (specifically Twin Peaks) as well as the X-Files and the creepier moments of Lost. Noticing there wasn’t a very comprehensive place to figure out exactly what Bright Falls is, I took a day off from my other nonsense and made a site.

Bright Falls Blog

As I wrote on the site, it’s the best of everything I enjoy about the above mentioned films and shows…that seedy underbelly feeling of the small woodland town. A looming darkness so heavy and otherworldly that it’s oppressive. A driving mystery that challenges the audience to watch again and again.

Although it clearly draws a lot of inspiration from those works, it’s also unique in how dark and often terrifying it is. You always know somethings not right, and occasionally that something becomes very threatening. It’s a six part series (two parts have been released thus far) and if it’s going to continue the way it’s been going, you’ll nearly have a heart attack approximately once per episode.

I can’t say enough good things about it. I feel like I’m usually surrounded by mediocre films…this was a reminder that there’s some incredible stuff waiting for you in the strangest places. It’s independent, it’s free, and for me it’s really inspirational. Go check out and watch the first and second episode. It’ll really hook you.

I’d love to make something like this.