Double Feature Returning for Year 8

Great news! The Double Feature Year 8 Kickstarter was funded. It looks like we’re coming back for another 53 episodes. We’ll also be doing the usual Additional Content shows, and even some new feature-length commentary. If you saw the Kickstarter video, you also know we’re working on a movie for next year.

The podcast has really benefited from your input. I’m really happy our show has become an example of what can be achieved through crowdsourcing. In the last year we’ve gone from a Kickstarter story to no-kidding Hollywood filmmakers. This is really the old story of finding collaborators in your friends…except we’re making all our friends on the Internet.

Double Feature Year 8 begins July 2 at 12:01am. See you there.

Press Release
Movie Podcast “Double Feature” Kickstarter Funded