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Glittermouse – Porn Stars and Promises

I just finished a live music video for the Glittermouse song Porn Stars and Promises (We’re in Love). You can see it here:

You can also download the video directly on the video page.

I shot the song with Rob Cornell on February 3rd. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I borrowed a Canon T1i and he brought his T2i and we filmed without having any real preparation. Neither of us had been to Lincoln Hall before, so we weren’t really sure what to expect. I’ve been really interested in using a DSLR to shoot video and I thought this would be a great test for low lighting.

I know Glittermouse though their singer, who also happens to be my Double Feature co-host Michael Koester. To be perfectly honest I’ve only seen them live a handful of times and I wasn’t really sure what song to shoot. While we actually shot for the first two songs, I ended up putting together this video for the fourth song in their set. It wasn’t optimal for the coverage we had, but I loved this song so it had to be the one.

I edited it together in Final Cut. I actually cheated a bit and used a ton of b-roll and footage from the other songs. While I’m sure knowing that will ruin the magic for some people, I’m actually really impressed I was able to pull off such a believable video. A lot of that was the magic of Final Cut. This was my first time really using FCP – when I did the Birthday Massacre Bootleg DVD I had made everything using Quicktime and iMovie. Final Cut turned out to be really great. I even did the color in it. I can’t wait to jump back in.