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Movie Podcast “Double Feature” Kickstarter Funded for iTunes Year 8


Movie Podcast “Double Feature” Kickstarter Funded for iTunes Year 8

Los Angeles, CA – June 6, 2015 — Double Feature is a weekly podcast available through Apple’s iTunes Store.  Each episode, hosts Eric Thirteen and Michael Koester have an in-depth conversation about the merits of two films.  The crowdfunded show has a positive slant, finding education in films rather than reviewing them.

On June 5th, Double Feature successfully completed funding after being selected as a Kickstarter Staff pick.  While crowdfunding provides the yearly operational budget, backers also contribute to the show by selecting movies to be covered in the upcoming year. Additional incentives grant access to bonus episodes and previous years of the show.

Double Feature is available for free on iTunes at

Eric Thirteen is a Los Angeles based filmmaker, and was recently producer of Rob Zombie’s film “31” as well as Adam Rifkin and Penn Jillette’s film “Director’s Cut.”  Michael Koester is a musician based out of Austin Texas, where he also makes frequent appearances on local podcasts.

Double Feature Year 8 is produced by Brienna Krueger, Rod Fielder, Jonathan Radkey, Aaron Shore, David Koch, Lia Napolitano, and Debi Staron. Lexi Love, Seth Hanisek, and Eric Toczek will return next year to produce as well.

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