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Rebecca Watson on Double Feature

Rebecca Watson Nude

The latest Double Feature episode, Hard Rock Zombies + Loose Change, is the first to feature a guest co-host rather than an interview. This time we talked to Rebecca Watson, pictured here in the Skepchick nude pin-up calendar. You can listen to the show at the Double Feature website

Rebecca is the founder of, a permanent co-host of The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, and creator of about a billion other things. When faced with the option of interviewing Dylan Avery for his 9/11 conspiracy “documentary” Loose Change, we decided instead to have Rebecca on for that entire section of the show. It didn’t fit format at all, but it sounded like a lot of fun.

It’s strange, of all the people we talked to on the show I was the most nervous to talk to Rebecca. Her show (along with others like Skeptically) provided the original inspiration to start podcasting in the first place. Now our tiny little show was featuring one of the most successful hosts out there, and something about that freaked me out. It tuned out to be a fantastic time though. I think it’s one of the best shows we’ve done. It’s entertaining, the sound quality is way better than any of our usual guests, and we tore Loose Change apart.

I’ve been getting emails from people who just found Double Feature and are really into it. That’s always great to hear. On the surface it’s a simple movie podcast, but I’ve always tried to inject more important things into it. The documentaries are the most obvious examples, but even just in analysis of two given films.

Because Michael and I are both atheists and skeptics, everything we do has that kind of bent to some degree. For me it’s the need to call out all the nonsense in a film. Michael on the other hand…look at his film selections. For a show with so many horror films, you’ll notice that the supernatural ones are really absent. Instead, movies like Hatchet, Hostel – even most of the slasher films – they’re are about the human element. They’re about building a scare upon something unlikely but plausible in real life. I think in that way the show not only promotes skepticism but kind of celebrates what’s real.

The other part of the feedback is that everyone wants to hear Rebecca on the show again. We’re going to finish out this year/season/52 shows and see about the next 52, so you’ll have to wait and see.

Famous People on Double Feature!

Lately Double Features has been having directors come on the show to talk about their films (and all sorts of other stuff, apparently!)

Interview with Joel David Moore
Spiral + Bad Santa

Interview with Jeremy Kasten
Joy Ride + The Attic Expeditions

Interview with Mike Wilson
The Thing + Michaem Moore Hates America

We’re returning to our regular format for a while, but we’ll be having more guests on soon. You can see a list of all our interviews at the link.

Download the FULL 2006 TBM Bootleg!

Birthday Massacre 2006 Bootleg DVD!

Get info: The Birthday Massacre Live DVD
Sponsored by: The Birthday Massacre startpage.

Individual track mp4s as well as a single 1.84 GB chapter marked iTunes copy of the main feature are online for free at the above address. If you’re interested in the full DVD image though, you can finally download that! Use the below torrent and burn your own copy.

Get the Torrent: The Birthday Massacre Bootleg DVD Disc Image

Available for free, The Birthday Massacre’s 2006 Bootleg DVD is a set of twelve tracks from the Broken Minds tour. Shot, cut, and proudced by TBMChicago’s Eric Ingrum, the songs were all captured during one of the many performances he attended while helping promote the nation wide tour. After shelving the footage for an entire year, it was finally edited during the corse of a single week. Marathon editing sessions where made in an effort to complete the DVD in time to give the final copy to the band at their last show of the 2007 tour.

Only twenty-five copies were made, under the agreement that only the band, Eric, and their mutual friends would recieve them. A video showing a bit of the process and final product was posted shortly after. An incredible amount of interest in the “Making of” video eventually prompted an agreement to release the entire DVD online.

Torrent Contents Include:
TBM 2006 Bootleg DVD.img
TBM 2006 Bootleg DVD – Cover.pdf
TBM 2006 Bootleg DVD – Cover (Front)
TBM 2006 Bootleg DVD – Cover (Back)
TBM 2006 Bootleg DVD – The Making of.mp4

DVD Tracklist:
01. Horror Show
02. Nevermind
03. Violet
04. Under the Stairs
05. To Die For
06. Lover’s End
07. Kill the Lights
08. Holiday
09. The Dream
10. Happy Birthday
11. Video Kid
12. Broken

DVD Extras:
DVD Menus & Song Selection
2005-12-29 The Dream
2006-03-13 Horror Show
2006-03-13 Broken
2006-07-08 Science (Demo)
Fan Video Happy Birthday
Fan Video Lover’s End
Fan Video Black
Live Photo Gallery
Live Photo Rom Content

The DVD image torrent just went up, so the downloads could be a little slow for a few days. Please help us out by seeding and sharing this! If you don’t understand torrents, you can still grab all the easy mp4s from The Birthday Massacre Live DVD page on TBMChicago.


Music Box Massacre IV

I’ll be getting up early tomorrow (10/25) to attend Music Box Massacre IV at noon. 24 hours of back-to-back horror films! This will be the most films I’ve ever seen in one sitting, beating out the first Killapalloza by three movies. Here’s the schedule:

12:00pm The Haunted House
12:30pm Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
01:45pm The Old Dark House
03:15pm Eyes Without A Face
05:00pm May (with director Lucky McKee in person)
07:30pm Midnight Meat Train (with Clive Barker in person)
10:15pm Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (with director Joseph Zito in person)
12:30pm Dead Alive
02:15am Phantom of the Paradise
04:00am Black Sabbath
06:00am Pieces
07:45am Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
09:30am Exorcist

Unfortunately we aren’t going to be able to cover it on Double Feature because of some weird scheduling stuff. Maybe we’ll record it and save it for this time next year? You’ll be getting your regularly scheduled show (The People vs Larry Flint + Jesus Camp) Thursday at 12:01am.

Should be a great time. Seems like the usual theatre rules will be pretty loose, and it’s the Chicago premiere of Midnight Meat Train! Also free energy drinks. Can you tell I’m excited? If you’re going, be sure to say hi.

Update: The Double Feature Episode went up (Music Box Massacre 4) and there’s a new blog post about Music Box Massacre 5.

New DF Episode: Intro Music Discussion

While this episode includes the usual discussion of two films (and really good ones this week!), we also talked about the opening music you hear every episode.

Listen on iTunes

Included in this show:

A bit about the intro, Michael’s own double feature, and three sentence dream theory. We also cover japanese horror, zombie films (totally unrelated), and strong female leads. I mean, with these two movies, how could you not cover strong female leads? Download the Show: The Descent + Feast

It’s cool to hear this and remember that night. It was a lot of fun.


This is an account of my two month perfectionistic drive to write our 45 second intro music.

Download: Double Feature Theme

The show has been out for a few days now (you can get it for free on the Double Feature site), and after listening to it you’ve probably noticed that strange little mix of theme music. Writing and recording the theme is actually what held up the podcast for the last few months.

My original intention was to capitalize on the formula perfected by Rob Zombie. I knew the theme would only be about 30 seconds of music, so I listened to a lot of his stuff all day and wrote something that fit in when I got back home. Trying really hard not to strive for perfection, I threw it together quickly and after a few hours the basic idea was recorded. Easy. Done.

But it sucked.

I was about ready to scrap it, but then I started working some samples into it. I keep a lot of movie and tv samples on my computer so I can pop them in and out of stuff I’m working on to get a feel for how a piece of dialogue might fit. The early versions of the theme had a sample from Carnivale – brother Justin talking about signs of the apocalypse. That seemed to be just what the theme needed. It toned down the ridiculous nu-metal sound and made it feel like it was about film again.

We didn’t want to use that particular sample for a few reasons. To start with we didn’t have rights to it…I think the bigger concern was that we wanted something all our own. We didn’t want people to trace back the source of our sample. A clip from Carnival at the beginning of every episode might be appropriate for a Carnivale podcast, but that isn’t the case here. We considered using samples from the different films we talk about in each episode, but that could have created an opportunity for spoilers and would have make the production of each show several hours longer. In the end I came up with this idea of having a made up sample that sounded like it was from a film.

I asked Michael to write a few lines and we’d pick one we liked to use. I really wanted to do the music myself (as I need all the practice I can get writing, recording and producing) but it’s his show too and this seemed like a great place for that collaboration. He came up with these fantastic lines. The only real idea I had there is that maybe they could sound like lines from exploitation films. As we were coming up with the look for the site and promo artwork, we always went back to exploitation cinema for inspiration. Doing so again with the music only seemed natural. He wrote the lines to sound somewhat sexual, somewhat sinister, and a few to sound like out of context they could even be referring to the podcast.

Rather than one long line, he also had this idea of doing a bunch of smaller samples. I was hesitant at first because I knew it would be a lot more work for me, but when he started showing them to me it seemed perfect. When there was a good selection to choose from, I brought in some friends of ours to record. I wrote a bit more about that whole process here. None of our friends are actors, voice or otherwise, so I just had a number of people record a multitude of takes for each line and then used that best from each session. In the end I used Melanie Boyna, Tia Battenberg, Samantha Gordon, Sarah Strand and Laura Angel – and I love every single sound they contributed.

After that it was a matter of rerecording and mixing over and over to center the focus around the girls rather than the trashy instrumentation. I played around with some production plugins to degrade the recordings and make them sound more like movies. Michael thinks the end product really gets back to my Rob Zombie template. When I listen to it, I hear a spot light on five different movies that don’t actually exist. Either way, I think it fits perfectly.

I released the recording under a Creative Commons license so people can take anything they want from it and use it in their own stuff. As I describe on the site, “content can be copied, distributed, adapted, tastelessly brutalized, and otherwise used without any permission – under the condition that it’s credited appropriately and linked to This lone condition can be waived if absolutely necessary.” You can hear the full theme above, on our myspace, or at

DOUBLE FEATURE: Our show now online!

Our podcast if finally online. Here’s some quick links:

Double Feature Website
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RSS Feed for the show!

Double Feature, hosted by Eric Ingrum and Michael Koester, is podcast detailing two films per episode. Riddled with blasphemy and a humble (but vicious) sense of humor, the podcast is an experiment in film watching. Each show both hosts pick a movie they’ve seen a hundred times that the other’s never watched, and then view both movies back to back. Uninterested in actually reviewing the films, they discuss what makes them notable against an abundance of others.

There are currently three shows up. The audio setup still isn’t finalized; the recording quality will get better in the coming weeks (I promise!) The show goes up every Thursday at 2am.

I have a lot I want to talk about regarding the show, so there will be some new stuff up every day or so. Keep coming back here for more info. In the mean time, here’s some thing you can do if you want to help out:

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Thanks to everyone in advance. We’d love some feedback. Comment. Everywhere. On everything. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

DOUBLE FEATURE Podcast has a Date!

I don’t get days like this often enough. I come bearing news. Mark your calendars.

July 25th, 2008

You know Double Feature, that podcast I keep saying will go up one day? Well, it’s got a launch date! After months and months of work, we’ve got everything prepared to go online. The podcast, website, and all the rest goes online July 25th, 2008.

Here’s the official description…

Double Feature is podcast detailing two films per episode. Riddled with blasphemy and a humble (but vicious) sense of humor, the podcast is an experiment in film watching. Each show both hosts pick a movie they’ve seen a hundred times that the other’s never watched, and then view both movies back to back. Uninterested in actually reviewing the films, they discuss what makes them notable against an abundance of others. Hosted by Eric Thirteen and Michael Koester.

Nine more days and you can listen to me embarrass myself on a weekly basis.

OH, I almost forgot. I don’t think anyone actually uses live journal anymore…but you can totally get an RSS feed of the project blog (this thing you’re reading right now) instead. Here’s the URL:

If you have an RSS feed thingy, or you use AwesomeStart, you can totally just pop that in there and get updates that way. Apple’s Mail client in Leopard also uses RSS now, which is cool. Yay.