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SFX Production Update from the Set of Director’s Cut

It’s finally that time! I’m on the set of Penn Jillette and Adam Rifkin’s new movie . Today I managed to grab this quick video while we were setting up our last shot of the day.

Filming has been incredible. Everyone working on the film is spectacular, I never want to leave the set. You might recognize Dustin Knouse in the video! All our makeup fx and production design / art dept people are killing it, the movie’s got a great weird look.

I mostly just came to see how it’s going, but I ended up being in a bunch of scenes. I’m getting shot in the head in the movie-within-the-movie, and I’m also playing an EP in some stuff on the set of that fake movie (which is called “Knocked Off”).

Lexi Love’s Director’s Cut Screen Test

Shooting is about to begin on Director’s Cut! I shot a video last week of Lexi Love. In the somewhat meta screen test, we reference her other meta-venture, the crowdfunding campaign she did to fund her role in the crowdfunded movie.

Lexi’s awesome. She’s also the Executive Producer of Double Feature. Doing this video was a blast. If I wasn’t off to LA for a month, I’d be hang out in SF shooting some more.